Aren’t we all curious about our personalities? We really want to understand ourselves better. That’s why we brought you a very easy and simple test.

Your job is to choose the person you think is the most stupid one in this scenario.

The Person You Choose Says Something About Your Personality

Here is something about your personality based on the person you selected.

Person Number 1:

If you picked person number 1 as the most stupid person in the picture, one thing is for sure. That is that you give up quite easily in life.

There are times you think of yourself as detached from any given situation in your life and feel powerless to do anything about it in order to change it. In addition, you also feel as if there is nothing that you are able to do to sort out the chaos in your life, so you just give up and don’t even bring yourself to try anything new.

This can also be as it is if you are a simple, kind, kindly-hearted person. You don’t like fighting or any other sort of nonsense. You like simple and easy things for yourself.

Person Number 2:

Your general problem is that you act first and you think later. You don’t see the whole picture in front of you; and you don’t even spend any time acknowledging or processing the situation, and coming up with an attempt or a solution to respond in an appropriate way.

All you want to do is make a decision as soon as possible. This is obviously the reason behind most of the problems you encounter.

However, some people consider you levelheaded and strong; not that these people have a deep understanding of you, but they can summarize.

Person Number 3:

This is a very strong personality trait, as it is linked with being a strong person. You are a fighter, with temperament, and you will always, always choose a fight over flight response in any given situation.

You are a person looking out for solutions to any and all problems, after first realizing and comprehending the problems in great details. Also, your strategies are always on point and always working out.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that you are a rational person and take such an approach to the situation you’re finding yourself in.

Person Number 4:

A rebel; sometimes you might have a cause, and sometimes that doesn’t need to be the case. This means that sometimes you can rebel against some specific things that are meant to be the way they are, due to some sort of a rational mechanism that automatically makes you a rebel inside.

However, sometimes, the sweet music of revolution makes you rebel without any cause, making you look like a utopian idealist, and not like a rational rebel that you naturally are. What defines you is your revolutionary “streak”.