The video you’re about to see will make you question a lot of things. Is the footage real, or conjured by the mind of someone with great video editing skills? If it’s real, who is this person moving at superhuman speed?

The video which captured by CCTV cameras on June 18 and it shows a young girl attempting to cross a road at 11:34pm. The road itself is rather empty with just a couple of cars driving down it.

The girl walks on to the road in front of the oncoming cars and seems to hesitate, and just when it looks like she’s going to be hit by one of them, lo and behold! The Flash seems to appear out of nowhere and whisks her to safety at super speed.

While YouTube, where the video has already been viewed about a million times, has divided itself into three camps – Fake, Confused, Real (OMG) – we have a couple of doubts and questions.

First what was a young girl doing out by herself near a main road at that time of night? Second, watch the car in the right hand lane (coming towards you), as soon as the first car slows down, it speeds up…we find that highly unusual.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself. Trust us, if nothing else, it makes for some excellent pub conversation.