The thought of robots has intrigued humans since the invention of computers. With Hollywood feeding our imaginations, we have movies such as the terminator and the rest. Nowadays, we are one step closer to realistic looking robots. They come in the form of sex dolls and many other things, and the public seems to be drawn towards sex dolls to it.

With this also capturing the attention of women in society, a company ”Real Doll” (who have over the years perfected the art and science of building very realistic robots) have decided to make male sex dolls. It said that this male bots would be powered by rechargeable batteries that have no limit to being full. So basically that means that you can recharge the batteries for whatever period of time. And for as long as you would want them to last.

You can check out how the robots work by clicking on the video at the end of this article.

This robot packs high technology that can make them participate in conversations. That would make them quite exciting partners to hold discussions with, and They are said to also be better in bed than most sex toys out in the market. And that even includes human beings. It is due to the little nuances that are involved in the experience that this sex doll can provide you. Its limitless battery also fuels these pleasure journeys for as long as you want – provided you are faithful enough to charge its batteries.

Called the ”ultimate pleasure experience”, these sex robots are pushing the boundaries of what our society can do with tech. And on the other hand, technology is continually invading the books and crannies of our lives and thus challenging and changing the way we exist as a species.

Not only have these sex toys left the docile positions that they used to occupy in our sex lives, but they are also now stepping up to compete with our human partners – and they are raising the bar, while at it. With these robots being smart enough to hold regular conversations where they share past experiences – just as we do, we may have a competitor for the males in relationships.

Primarily, since these dolls – although sophisticated, can also be directly controlled. They are human enough to have conversations and sex but bionic enough to know when to shut up and just obey our commands. If you aren’t feeling this night, you don’t have to make up some excuse like ”I am so sorry, but I have a headache”. If you don’t feel like having sex you just switch off the button. It’s as simple as that. Unlike having a human companion who you would necessarily have to manipulate – so as not to hurt his feelings, only for you feel bad about yourself.

It’s quite an unusual situation right? Would you be open enough to use this new sex doll?

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