Believe it or not there is a combination of exercises that will take you only 4 minutes a day from your time, and it will firm your body and melt the extra pounds.

It is known by the name Tabata, and is, to be honest, requiring hard working, but gives amazing results. Even more, with only 20 seconds intensive exercising and 10 seconds of easier practicing, Tabata will burn every excess calorie in your body.This type of exercising was created by a doctor Tabata, who was lead by the exercises that practice professional athletes.

It was made multi-year research and the conclusion was that with help of this type of exercises , you will get rid of the excess weight faster.

All you have to do is to follow the rule: 20 seconds intensive exercising-10 seconds easier exercising.

With practicing Tabata exercises you will get:

– Healthy slimming

– Firming the body

– Decreasing the blood pressure

– Stress relieving

You can do these exercises in your home or in the gym. All you have to do is to practice them 4 minutes per day.