These things that only a mature man does. Girls How many times have you had a relationship with a boy who thought he was the mature man … but you find it worse than an infant?

How many times have you had to raise all your dreams and hopes in the future that you were supposed to have with this person in a thousand pieces?

How many times have you destroyed your hopes after imagining every little detail: how were your children going to see each other and wishing they had their dimples with your nose? Yes, ending up with someone is extremely hard, but it can be even more difficult if you really visualized a future with this person. Here are some tips on how to recognize frogs before they kiss them.

Men who are truly gentlemen are increasingly in danger of extinction, and this is not because those that do not reproduce, but because they do not have the same education or the sense of how important another does.

If you do these 8 things you will discover if you are a mature man and not a child

1.- Do not assume their manhood

The real gentlemen do not talk about their gifts, whether or not they are of a good size, let them decide and discover their partner in bed. It is better to listen to the result once having checked it.

2.- Do not use M0teles

They prefer safe and comfortable places to do it, like their house or their partner’s house. Places where nothing strange can happen. The metals are for infidels, or young people who are not sure of what they are doing. A good option could be a hotel.

3.- They leave the Dessert for the End

Always start a dinner with a good experience, a dinner and then what comes will be well received and deserved. Do not force anything before time.

4.- They Are Always Ready

There is no way for a gentleman to go on a date with a girl without proper protection in case the occasion arises. Nothing to be going to the pharmacy or pretend that everything is fine if you do not use it.

5.- They know how to do it

Love is not made alone as most believe, and a true gentleman knows that in the elaboration of this it includes the tongue, the lips and the tips of the fingers. With extreme caution

6.- Comply with the “Subsequent Act”

They do not leave “because they have to get up early the next day” after being with their partner. Always stay with her, because the act does not end when most believe, we must continue together, and hugs and kisses are included.

7.- Seek to please her

Always seek the welfare of her first. He even asks her what and how she wants it, does not seek to force her to do anything that she does not want simply by self-indulgence.

8.- Consent After

This point is linked to the previous one, but in a different aspect, since after being together he seeks to please her and pamper her with some taste of her, something to drink or eat, light, to continue with the moment.