According to many studies conducted by psychologists, women are often more open for discussion and communication through dialogue. Women are also more under the influence of their emotions and they often tend to over analyze problems. Men, however, are more action oriented and tend to get straight to the point.

Part of being in a relationship includes compromises. Those compromises usually involve doing things for our partner that we would not normally do. What is important for women to remember is that it is alright to take a stand every now and then. Giving in isn’t always the answer no matter how much you love someone.

Here is a list of ten things that women should never do for a man:

Give Up Your Dog

If your lover is allergic they have medications for it. You should never have to give up something you love just to please someone else.


Exercise is great, but don’t starve yourself just to please him.

Have Children

Having kids is a serious commitment that you BOTH have to be on board with for it to work out. Don’t have kids just to please him if you aren’t ready for them.

Ditch Clothes

Don’t give up your clothes for your man. If they want you to dress a certain way that is their issue, not yours.

Weird sex

Stand your ground if you are totally against something in the bedroom.


Never get your man’s name tattooed on your body. Things can always change.

Give Control

Never let him control everything you do. A relationship is equal.

Foot The Bill

You should not have to support your date every time you go out for dinner.

Dumb Down

Don’t ever pretend to be less intelligent or less capable than you are.

Ditch Friends

Don’t say goodbye to your friends because he is needy. Personal time is important.

Mature relationships require a healthy dose of compromise. As with most things, however, too much of something can actually be a bad thing. Just remember there are certain things you should not have to do to please your man.